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We are an open community where everybody has the same goal, make our own life better by eating, training and resting right. The body is our temple and the mind is its lord. We have to dig into our mind to get things right. Our philosophy is to eat clean as possible, appreciate nature and live in harmony. Like a big family, we support each other and push each other towards to the goal!

We set a goal and we accomplish it because we are determined, we have self-discipline and attitude and our passion drives us all the time towards our goal!

All the members get all the information to perform at their best.


80/20 Mindset Guideline Progression
80% of your success is about your mind, the rest 20% is about what you do. Decide, commit, act, succeed, repeat. The only way to make a physical change is to change the way you think. We give you a guideline for free, you do the work. Automatically changing nutrition and training plan by your goal. So you will have the knowledge in theory to succeed. The only thing you need is a decision to make the change and act! No matter are you taking your first step or you are already on the top of your first mountain, you can choose your starting level, improve yourself and move on to the next level!