New 12 weeks cycle starts, 2-Split program!

Here is the next 12 weeks program.

Weeks 1-4:

  • 2 workout in week
  • 3 sets in each movement
  • 5-8 reps in each set

Weeks 5-8:

  • Add 1 training day to week (so 3 training days in week)
  • Add 1 set more
  • Do one extra workout to get even amount of 2-split workouts (10 workouts)
  • Keep the recovery week (week 6) when needed!

Weeks 9-11:

  • Add 1 training day to week (so 4 training days in week)



All together 34 workouts to do. In the beginning of this cycle you have only two workouts in week so use heavy loads and let the body rest well between the workouts.



Updated user profile functions!

Now you can add photos from your progress, take measures, add daily weight and see from the graphs how your body weight is changing. You can also calculate own personal BMR, BMI, daily calorie intake and macronutrients! Set your own personal goals and work your way to it!!

The new 18 months training program has been announced!

The new progressive 18-month training program is now ready!

The program starts with a 1-split program and continues through 6 different splits to a 3-split program. We are training in 12-week cycles so we are getting the most out of the muscle adaptation and the progression!

The first workouts are already out there! Join us and make your every workout count!



The Main Training Program

This is the training program starting now in October 2017. You can start doing the program whenever you like.

Next 18 months are planned and ready to complete.

We are going to do six 12-week cycles where every cycle has its own training split and progression in workout frequency, amount of movements, sets and reps and special techniques in the end of the each cycle.

Every cycle ends to a total rest where we maintain the nervous system, the muscles and the mind before the next 12-week cycle.

W = Workout

M = Movement

S = Set



  • We start from the basics, use the big compound movements and keep the things simple. Do 3 sets in every movement.
  • 3-6 reps in each set. So take your notebook with you and start tracking your weights. First two weeks is a good time to find out right weight for your working sets. Keep the weight heavy enough so you won’t get more than 6 reps but remember to spare 1-2 reps from each set to avoid failure.
  • Start doing 2 workouts in a week. Weeks 1-3.
  • In Week 4, add the third workout to week and we do 4 working sets with each movement.
  • 5th week is Recovery week = we do only 2 sets of every movement. Concentrate on perfect technique. Maintain the body = massage, stretching, foam rolling, yoga, meditation.
  • Week 6-7 we continue with three workouts in the week and 4 sets in movements.
  • Week 8-11 we will do 5 sets and the Week 11 we do the last set to failure from each movement.
  • Week 12 is total rest. Maintain the body = massage, stretching, foam rolling, yoga, meditation.